How fast is the free shipping?

We don't use Canada Post. In Canada, we use ICS and UPS mostly and USPS in the states. Most Ontario and Quebec orders arrive in 1-2 days from when they are shipped. BC can take 2-8 business days.  United States orders are usually 4-7 days.

We typically take 1-2 business days to pack and ship your orders.

How can I get my items?

You can get your purchase one of 4 ways:

1. Free shipping. This is done through whatever is the cheapest shipping method for us. Typically Canada Post or USPS or UPS.

2. Express shipping. We discount the express shipping by how much we expect the free shipping to cost us to help lower the price for you. 

3. Local delivery. This is different from the above because Shockport Keyboards will do the delivery directly. This means you need to be close to us, but you get your item much faster.

4. Local pickup. This is where you ping me, we meet up at the local pickup spot (or some other public place in the area if that's convenient for everyone). You can get your items same day or next day or whenever. The address is: Starbucks parking lot, 51 James Snow Pkwy N Bldg C Unit 1, Milton, ON L9T 0R3

What happens if my order is lost or damaged?

At checkout you have the opportunity to purchase shipping insurance from Route. We highly recommend you do this. If something bad happens to your order, they can replace it. If you don't purchase the insurance, our options are fairly limited. We will always do what we can to help.